OnePlus accidentally sent Notifications to OnePlus 7 Pro owners during Android Q testing

For several OnePlus 7 Pro users on Monday, that wasn’t a hypothetical question. A few of them got spammed using what OnePlus recognized was the consequence of a botched inner test that resulted in some global users reporting some bizarre drive notifications on the devices.

A few of them, for example, were greeted with a string of character types in Chinese that means “Hahahahaha” in British. Others got some Latin alphabet heroes. Both which understandably triggered some users to panic, wondering if indeed they (or OnePlus) have been hacked.

In the company’s statement, OnePlus said that when they observed the blunder, they “performed a circular of in-depth investigations with the related teams to recognize the reason”. The reason was later tracked right down to the OxygenOS team focusing on the Google android Q update. The press notification was unintentionally delivered to everyone, rather than inner screening devices. Users who’ve force notifications from OnePlus powered down (which may be transformed in configurations) didn’t have the communications. OnePlus has guaranteed users that there surely is no danger to consumer data which the drive notification system is mainly used as a study tool to get consumer feedback.

Speaking of Google android Q, it’ll bring plenty of new features and improvements. The most recent beta released only a couple of weeks ago, and you may even test it out for on the OnePlus 7 Pro if you’d like. Admittedly, there are very a few issues at this time. It isn’t meant to be utilized as a regular drivers for regular users, but designers in getting their applications ready for the new version of Google android. You can read about the latest Google android Q features inside our latest breakdown.

OnePlus also followed up with a declaration assuring users that was a harmless consequence of an ensure that you that the “event will not indicate any dangers for your individual data.” Everyone got a good laugh – how will you not, when you get a notification out of nowhere that’s just laughing at you? – looked after calls to brain another mishap including a gadget showing up to laugh at its users.

At one point, you might recall, some Amazon Echo users were reporting that the device’s digital assistant Alexa appeared to be audibly laughing at them, for no good reason. There was a good reason, Amazon countered eventually. In some uncommon instances, Alexa reportedly easily mistook some content for the control “Alexa, laugh” – a problem that’s now been set.

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