Sony Xperia Smartphone with six back cameras and two selfie sensors reportedly in works

“The upcoming Xperia may be the world’s first phone with six rear cameras and a complete of eight snappers”

Lots of the smartphone makers introduced their phones with triple back cameras in 2018. However, japan tech huge Sony didn’t reveal its three back camera-toting offering until this season. The business revealed its first such offering, called the Sony Xperia 1, as of this 12 months’s MWC in Feb. Now the brand is ready to consider things a step further if a written report is usually to be believed.

The LG V50 ThinQ has three cameras on the trunk as the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 Pro is likely to debut with four. The Nokia 9 PureView presently holds the crown for some back cameras with a complete of five. But if a fresh leak is usually to be thought, Sony could take things a step further soon.

According to Maximum J., a tipster on Twitter, Sony is currently focusing on an Xperia smartphone that will have as much as six main cameras at the trunk. Notably, the Smartphone will also feature two selfie sensors, taking the full total to an impressive eight cameras. If the statement holds true, that Xperia would be the world’s first mobile phone to sport six back snappers and a complete of 8 sensors. Presently, the Nokia 9 PureView holds the name of highest back camera-toting handset with five shooters.

The exact information on Sony’s plans remain a mystery at this time, however the device will presumably add a telephoto camera along with a separate super-wide-angle alternative. Taking into consideration the recent recognition of Time-of-Flight sensors, one of the is actually an applicant for the set up, as the staying two may potentially be monochrome sensors for improved fine detail in low-light moments. Concerning the front-facing cameras, it’s stated you will see two. Presumably, you will see an initial sensor along with a wide-angle camera, although, once more, exact details are yet to be exposed.

For us unfortunately, Sony’s new smartphone continues to be in the first phases of development, therefore the design of leading panel also remains unclear at this time. However, the recently-released Xperia 1 as well as the mid-range Xperia 10 series suggests a 21:9 screen will probably make the slice. As for specs, the amount of cameras means this product is probably the next flagship. However, because the announcement timeframe hasn’t yet been uncovered – it might arrive in past due 2019 or early 2020 – it’s unclear at this time what processor it’ll bring. Storage space and Ram memory will likely sit down at 128GB and 8GB respectively, though.

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